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Amazing Dog Gear is a company that specializes in making custom dog clothing. We deliver dog coats, winter coats, fleece jackets, raincoats and bodies for greyhounds, podenco's whippets, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and jack-russells. So for each thin skinned dog that can not stand the cold. Because every dog is different, we make custom jackets and bodies. You can choose any color fabric you want.

In line with this, we have expanded our product range with more dog related articles. We make sleeping bags (this can also be custom made) and showlines. Also for the owner's, we also make jewelry and decoration articles for at home.

Some products are imported by us, the sight hound dog collars and GPS trackers are examples.

We offer our products at affordable prices. Don't hesitate to compare our prices with other stores.

Our team

Gerdien Nikkels

Co-founder of Amazing Dog Gear: We have two whippets and looked for jackets for our dogs. It turns out to be very difficult to get good fitting jackets in regular pet stores. Most shops are anyway not focused on greyhounds. The problem was quickly resolved when neighbor Ans offered to make such a coat. The result was a perfectly fitting jacket. The idea for an online store was born with it.

Ans Barmentloo

Co-founder of Amazing Dog Gear: I am a dressmaker by profession. Neighbor Gerdien was not very happy about a dog jacket she had bought and asked for help. We tried to make a pattern to make a better fitting jacket ourself. And with success. It is of course convenient that we already have all the necessary equipment for this at home. Soon, we got questions from friends who also wanted such a beautiful jacket for their dog. Well that could be arranged and so Amazing Dog Gear arose.

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